Quinclorac 75 DF

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The best and one of the only true postemergent crabgrass killers on the market. Quinstar quickly controls a broad spectrum of both broadleaf and grassy weeds from crabgrass and foxtail to clover and dandelion.

Each bottle treats 1/2 to 1 Acre for broadcast spraying One bottle makes 42 gallons for handheld or backpack spraying for spot treating  (1.5 ounces makes 4 gallons of spot treating)

Active Ingredient : Quinclorac 75%

Comparable Product : Drive®, QuinStar®

Manufacturer : Quali Pro

Usage Rate Recommendations :
1 Pound per acre

For specific details on these target pest and use rates check the label provided

Grass Weeds Controlled:
Crabgrass, Large
Crabgrass, Smooth
Foxtails, Large
Foxtails, Green
Foxtail, Yellow
Signalgrass, Broadleaf

Broadleaf Weeds Controlled:
Bindweed, field
Medic, Black
Clover, Hop
Clover, Red
Clover, White
Dandelions, Common
Daisy, English
Geranium, Carolina
Mornigglory spp.
Speedwell, common
Speedwell, Slnder
Speedwell, Thymeleaf
Vilet, Wild

For specific details on these areas of use and use rates check the label provided 

For use in:
Residential turfgrass
Nonresidential turfgrass

Bentgrass, creeping
Bermudagrass, common
Bermudagrass, hybrid
Bluegrass, Kentucky
Bluegrass, annual
Bluegrass, rough (Poa trivialis)
Fescue, Chewing’s
Fescue, fine
Fescue, hard
Fescue, red
Fescue, tall
Paspalum, seashore
Ryegrass, annual
Ryegrass, perennial

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