Frequent Questions


This general FAQ serves to answer basic questions about our website or questions our customers may have when browsing our products.  For unanswered questions please email us at and our experts will find your answer.

Q: How do I track my package?

A: An email is sent with the tracking number link upon shipping of every order. Use this link to be directed to either USPS or UPS tracking pages. If the email is missing send the name used to purchase the product, order number if possible, and preferred way of contact and will send another email containing the tracking number link.

Q: How are your products shipped?

A: All products are shipped via USPS or UPS. Safely secured in bubble wrap and lids of all liquids are tightly sealed and taped to ensure no leakage.

Q: I was unable to find a product in your store

A:  Go to our Contact Us / Request a Quote Page and submit your product and quantity needed as well as customer information and we will source that product for you and respond with a price.

Q: I can no longer find a product in your store I used to buy

A: There may be several reasons why a product is no longer available in our store:

  • Products become discontinued over time
  • The product may be temporarily unavailable due to shortages
  • The product may have generic options available now that offer the same quality at a lower price

You are welcome to contact us about a product and we will source it for you or recommend other products that fit your exact needs. 877-272-0244

Q: How do I find use rate for this product?

A: We provide a label with each product and we recommend consulting this label. Use rates can vary greatly dependent on several factors. Due to this we may only provide a range of use unless further details are given. If you would like help in figuring out the use rate on a label out contact us at or call 877-272-0244 and leave a message.

Q: The product I bought killed most things I wanted but left some others untouched. Should I apply more?

A: More is not always better. Check to make sure what survived is a target pest of the product. The surviving pest may not be on the label’s list of susceptible pests.  Another product may be needed. Product combinations increase efficiency but must be compatible or damage can occur. For more detailed help contact us.

Q: I am growing / maintaining (crop or lawn) and want to kill off (weed or pest) what products do you have that do this?

A: Typing either the crop or target pest into the search bar will give results related to the term searched

Q: Do I have to have a license to use pesticides?

A: For a select few Restricted Use Pesticides only. Certify with your state agriculture department.

All RUP products we carry are marked as such in the description
    Restricted Use Pesticides require a license to buy from us.
  Fax (636-532-4497) or email to