Facet L Herbicide

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Facet L provides both preemergence and postemergence weed control in rice; grass grown for seed; fallow systems, preplant grain sorghum, and preplant wheat; in-crop grain sorghum; noncrop areas; pasture, rangeland, Conservation Reserve Program Land (CRP), and switchgrass establishment and maintenance

Active Ingredients : Quinclorac 18.92%

Manufacturer : BASF

Usage Rate Recommendations :
22 - 64 Fl. Oz per Acre

For specific details on control of these target pest and use rates check the label provided

Bedstraw, catchweed
Bindweed, field
Bindweed, hedge
Crabgrass, large
Flax, volunteer
Foxtail, giant
Foxtail, green
Foxtail, yellow
Jointvetch, Indian
Jointvetch, Northern
Lambsquarters, common
Lettuce, prickly
Morningglory, cypressvine
Morningglory, entireleaf
Morningglory, ivyleaf
Morningglory, palmleaf
Morningglory, pitted
Morningglory, purple moonflower
Morningglory, tall
Ragweed, common
Ragweed, giant
Sesbania, hemp
Signalgrass, broadleaf
Sowthistle, perennial
Spurge, leafy
Sunflower, wild
Thistle, Canada
Thistle, Russian

For specific details on these areas of use and use rates check the label provided

Conservation Reserve Program Land (CRP)
Fallow systems
Grass grown for seed
In-crop grain sorghum
Noncrop areas
Pasture (including pasture grown for hay)
Preplant grain sorghum
Preplant wheat
Switchgrass establishment and maintenance

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  • CA
  • NY

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