Dylox 420 SL Turf & Ornamental Insecticide

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Dylox 420 SL provides control of listed insects through applications to landscape turf and to soil at the bases of landscape flowers, shrubs, and trees.

Active Ingredients : Trichlorfon 37.3%

Manufacturer : Bayer

Usage Rate Recommendations :
4.6 - 6.9 ounces per 1000 Sq. Ft.

For specific details on control of these target pest and use rates check the label provided

Annual Bluegrass Weevil larvae
Asiatic garden beetle
Billbug larvae
Black turfgrass ataenius
Chinch Bugs
Cranberry girdler
European chafer
Green June beetle
Japanese beetle
May or June Beetles
Mole Crickets
Narcissus bulb fly
Northern & southern masked chafers
Oriental Beetle
Sod webworm
Sugarcane grub
White grubs

For specific details on these areas of use and use rates check the label provided

Golf Courses
Landscape Ornamentals (including flowers, shrubs, and trees)
Recreational Lawns & Turf

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  • CA
  • ND

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