Aqua Blue Select Pond Dye

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Free ShippingRejuvenate the dull, lackluster water in controlled water systems such as ponds, lakes, lagoons and other water features with the Aqua Select™ line of products. Aqua Blue Select™ is a unique formulation which filters a wide range of the UV light spectrum.

Active Ingredients :
Blue 9 Dye  23.63%
Yellow 23 Dye  2.39%

Manufacturer : Prime Source

Usage Rate Recommendations :
Should be applied one (1) gallon of dye per acre of water with an average water depth of four (4) feet (4 acre-feet).One (1) ounce treats
approximately (8,500) gallons of water for small ponds.

For specific details on these areas of use and use rates check the label provided

Small Water Features

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