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Revytek fungicide is the premium fungicide for growers who want to be confident they’re getting the best performance to move their operation forward. By providing unmatched disease protection and BASF Plant Health benefits to help keep every acre of your soybeans performing at their peak, it’s a true game-changer.

Active Ingredients : 
Pyraclostrobin 15.49%
Mefentrifluconazole 11.61%
Fluxapyroxad 7.74%

Manufacturer : BASF

Usage Rate Recommendations :
8 - 15 Fl. Oz. Per Acre

For specific details on control of these target pest and use rates check the label provided

Alternaria leaf pod
Alternaria leaf spot
Ascochyta blight
Asian soybean rust
Botrytis gray mold
Brown spot
Cercospora blight
Cercospora leaf spot
Cylindrocladium black rot
Downy mildew
Early leaf spot
Frogeye leaf spot
Gray leaf spot
Late leaf spot
Mycosphaerella blight
Northern corn leaf blight
Northern corn leaf spot
Peg rot
Pepper spot
Physoderma brown spot
Pod and Stem blight
Pod rot
Powdery mildew
Rhizoctonia aerial blight
Rhizoctonia limb rott
Rust, common
Rust, southern
Sclerotinia blight
Sclerotium rot
Southern blight
Southern corn leaf blight
Southern stem rot
Tar spot
Target spot
Web blotch
White mold
Yellow leaf blight

For specific details on these areas of use and use rates check the label provided

Cereal Grains
Foliage of legume vegetables
Leafy vegetables
Legume vegetables
Rapeseed (canola)
Root and tuber vegetables
Sorghum and millet
Sugar beet

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