Quintessential + Premium Surfactant

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Quintessential™ with H-Value™ Technology alters the formulation of quinclorac in a way that improves absorption of the product into the plant. That means faster activity and higher rate load in the targeted weed, as well as improved performance in drought stress or rainfast situations. And unlike any other herbicide on the market, Quintessential demonstrates improved control of crabgrass at all growth stages, including the problematic 3-5 tiller stage. Quintessential will be the essential tool for combatting crabgrass and other troublesome turf weeds.

Cecure contains a distinct, high-quality combination of methylated soybean oil and organosilicone surfactant. The oil is a superior penetrant that aids certain pesticides in moving through the waxy cuticles of plants and leaves for greater efficiency. In addition, the organosilicone surfactant increases the spreading and wetting of the applied solution so that the active moves to and through the plant quickly. This product is also approved for aquatics. 

Active Ingredients : 
Quinclorac 18.92 %
Proprietory blend of nonionic surfactants, humectants, polyalkyleneoxide modified polydimethylsiloxane, and citric acid - 100%

Usage Rate Recommendations :

0.5 - 1.45 Fl. Oz. per 1000 sq. ft.
64 Fl. Oz. per acre
1 - 2 Pints per 100 Gallons of Spray

For specific details on the control of these target pests and use rates check the label provided

Bindweed, field
Clover, hop
Clover, red
Clover, white
Crabgrass, large
Crabgrass, smooth
Daisy, English
Dandelion, common
Foxtail, giant
Foxtail, green
Foxtail, yellow
Geranium, Carolina
Medic, black
Signalgrass, broadleaf
Speedwell, common
Speedwell, slender
Speedwell, thymeleaf
Violet, wild

Areas of Use

For specific details on these areas of use and use rates check the label provided

Athletic fields
Golf courses
Grounds or lawns around residential and commercial establishments
Houses of worship
Military and other institutions
Multifamily dwellings
Picnic grounds
Sod farms

For use in :
Bentgrass, creeping
Bermudagrass, common
Bermudagrass, hybrid
Bluegrass, Kentucky
Bluegrass, annual
Bluegrass, rough (Poa trivialis)
Fescue, Chewing’s
Fescue, fine
Fescue, hard
Fescue, red
Fescue, tall
Paspalum, seashore
Ryegrass, annual
Ryegrass, perennial

This product is not registered for use in the following states:

  • CA
  • UT
  • WY

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