Distance Insect Growth Regulator

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Distance insect growth regulator affects all life stages (eggs / nymphs / larvae / pupae / adult) of listed insects by reducing the viability of eggs and reproduction stage.

Active Ingredients : Pyriproxyfen 11.23%

Manufacturer :  Valent

Usage Rate Recommendations :
2 - 12 Oz. per 100 gallons

For specific details on control of these target pest and use rates check the label provided

Aphids (suppression)
Black Scale
California Red Scale
Euonymus Scale
Florida Wax Scale
Fungus Gnats
Greenhouse Whitefly
Mealybugs (suppression)
San Jose Scale
Shore Flies
Silverleaf Whitefly
Snow Scale
Spotted Tentiform Leafminer
Sweet potato Whitefly

For specific details on these areas of use and use rates check the label provided

Flowering and foliage crops
Ground covers
Indoor grown fruiting vegetables
Non-bearing fruit and nut trees
Ornamental trees
Outdoor ornamentals

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