TriStar 30SG Insecticide

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TriStar 30 SG is a foliar applied, translaminar systemic insecticide containing acetamiprid which provides fast acting, broad spectrum control of greenhouse and outdoor ornamental pests .

Active Ingredients : Acetamiprid 30%

Manufacturer : Cleary

Usage Rate Recommendations :
1.3 - 8 Ounces per 100 gallons of water

For specific details on control of these target pest and use rates check the label provided

Asian Cycad Scale
Cabbage Looper
Caribbean Black Scale
Chrysanthemum Leaf miners
Citrus Leaf Miner
Citrus Mealybugs
Citrus thrips
Cotton aphid
Cottony Maple Scale
Crane fly larvae
Diamondback Moth
Euonymus Scale
European Chafer
European pine sawfly
Fall Army Worm
Fletcher Scale
Florida Wax and Indian Wax Scales
Fungus gnat larvae
Glassy Wing Sharpshooter
Green Peach Aphid
Green Shield Scale
Gypsy Moth
Hard and Soft Scales
Japanese Beetle
Leaf Eating Beetles (adults)
Leaf miners
Longtail Mealybugs
Maderia mealybugs
Melon Aphid
Obscure Mealybugs
Oriental Beetle
Other thrips such as Cotton, Palm, and Western Flower 
Oyster Shell Scale
Pine Needle Scale
Pink Hybiscus Mealybugs
Plant bugs
Potato Leaf Hopper
San Jose Scale
Southern Army Worm
Strawberry Weevils
Swede Midge
Tea Scale
Tentiform leaf miner
Tobacco Bud Worm
Wooly Aphid

For specific details on these areas of use and use rates check the label provided

Bedding plants
Flowering Plants Grown Outdoors
Flowers grown for cuttings
Foliage plants
Non-bearing crops
Non-bearing fruit and nut trees
Ornamental Plants
Ornamental trees
Potted flowering plants

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  • MT
  • ND
  • SD

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