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A foliar application of ProGibb T&O supplies plants with an additional source of the naturally occurring plant growth regulator gibberellin. Gibberellins are involved in numerous plant development processes. Adding gibberellic acid (GA3) promotes a number of desirable effects in floriculture crops including increased flower size, increased flower number, uniform flowering, increased stem elongation, and a decrease in time to flower. 

Active Ingredients : Gibberellic Acid 4%

Manufacturer : Valent

Usage Rate Recommendations : 
0.003 - 3.8 Fl. Oz per gallon of spray solution

For specific details on these areas of use and use rates check the label provided

Golf Courses
Parks and turf farms
Turfgrass ( Bemudagrass )

Ornamentals :
Baby's Breath
Calla Lily
Column Stock
Pompom Chrysanthemum
Queen Anne's Lace
Sweet William

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