K-Tea Algaecide

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K-Tea provides effective control of various green and blue-green algae. Including; filamentous, planktonic and branched algae which can occur in slow-moving or quiescent bodies of water such as; ponds, small lakes, portable water reservoirs and irrigation systems. 

Active Ingredients : Copper Triethanolamine complex 26.7%

Manufacturer : SePro

Usage Rate Recommendations :
0.7 - 10.2 Gallons per Surface Acre For Still or Slow Moving Water
1.25 - 6.25 Quarts per Hour for Moving Water 

K-Tea is most effective when applied at the first signs of an algae bloom.

For specific details on control of these target pest and use rates check the label provided

Blue-Green Algae
Branched Algae
Green Algae
Planktonic Algae

For specific details on these areas of use and use rates check the label provided

Associated Waters (rivers, streams, bays and coves)
Crop and Non-Crop Irrigation Systems (canals, laterals and ditches)
Fire Ponds
Fish Hatcheries
Fish Ponds
Fresh Water Lakes
Golf Courses
Irrigation ponds
Ornamental Ponds
Potable Water Reservoirs

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