Fontelis Fungicide

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Free Shipping Fontelis fungicide delivers fast-acting and long-lasting protection that’s preventive and curative. It’s the power and flexibility fruit, nut, vegetable and peanut growers need to deal with just about anything for higher-quality, higher-yielding crops.   Fontelis features a new active ingredient that gives growers superior protection from fungal diseases and excellent crop safety along with application flexibility. Fontelis delivers strong, reliable control of difficult soil-borne and foliar diseases such as Botrytis, powdery mildew, leaf spot and Rhizoctonia, as well as a new tool for resistance management. Additionally, Fontelis works as well under heavy disease pressure as light and fits easily into many crop management programs because of its single mode of action. It’s the power and flexibility you need to improve your odds for high-quality, high-yielding crops.

Active Ingredients: Penthiopyrad 20.4%

Manufacturer : DuPont

Usage Rate Recommendations :
14 - 30 Fluid Ounces per Acre

For specific details on control of these target pest and use rates check the label provided

Alternaria leaf spot and blight
Alternaria rot
Alternaria, black spot, leaf spot
Angular leaf spot
Basal Stem Rot
Botrytis blight and neck rot
Botrytis fruit rot, gray mold
Botrytis gray mold
Botrytis rots
Botrytis rots, blights, green fruit rot
Brown leaf spot
Brown rot blossom blight and fruit rot
Cercospora leaf spot
Cherry leaf spot
Cylindrocarpon root rot
Cylindrocladium black rot
Garlic rust
Gray mold
Green fruit rot
Gummy stem blight
Late Blight
Late yellow rust
Leaf rust
Leaf scorch
Lettuce drop
Mummy berry
Panicle and shoot blight
Pepper spot
Phomopsis twig blight and canker
Pin rot
Powdery mildew
Purple blotch
Rhizoctonia pod and stem blight, limb rot
Rhizoctonia seedling blight/rot
Sclerotinia rot, white mold
Sclerotinia shoot blight, green fruit rot
Sclerotinia stem rot
Septoria leaf spot
Shot hole
Soil-borne Diseases
Southern stem rot, blight, white mold
Spur blight
Target spot
Venturia pirina
Web blotch
White rot
Yellow rust

For specific details on these areas of use and use rates check the label provided

Berry, low growing
Bulb vegetables
Brassica, head and stem vegetables
Cucurbit vegetables
Fruiting vegetables
Leafy greens
Leafy greens Brassica
Leaf petiole vegetables
Legume vegetables
Pome fruit
Root vegetables and leaves
Stone fruit
Tree nuts

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